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High Standards Access’s Methods

Industrial rope access, also known as abseiling or twin rope access allows us to work in suspension while completing our task. We follow a strict code of practice to ensure the safety of the operators. The systems we use and setup have redundancies or “back ups” in place so we never rely on a single point of safety. Our safe work methods have been developed in accordance to the industry standard and the input of experienced rope access technicians. The rope access methods allow us to access areas beyond the scope of an Elevated Work Platform (EWP). 

Elevated work platforms (EWP) – Using a variety of scissor lifts or boom lifts (cherry pickers) we can access areas from the ground up.  The large variety allow for access almost anywhere even inside some buildings.



HSA staff can provide wide range of maintenance tasks for your building, from leak repair to inspections, installations. With our roping experience there are practically no limitations to the areas we can reach and work in!

Height Safety Systems

HSA are able to perform inspections, repairs and installations on your height safety systems, providing you with detailed reports, innovative solutions and the peace of mind knowing that work conducted in the high areas of your site will be safe and conforming to the latest standards and practices.


Window Cleaning

HSA offers a solution for cleaning windows no matter how remote they might be.

For large buildings, an abseil window clean will provide excellent results with each window hand cleaned with mop and squeegee. We can also offer pressure washing services from abseil to remove stubborn stains and large buildups of bird droppings.

Where there is sufficient access, a boom working platform can be brought on site for a faster clean.

Working from the ground level, a waterfed pole using a stream of filtered, de-ionised water can clean windows up to a third story height, and of course mop and squeegee can be used up to a second story height.


Mop and Squeegee

To obtain the best result for cleaning windows, a mop and squeegee is the best option. The hands on approach allow for a thorough clean and a flawless finish. As the cleaners pay attention to each individual window they can clean of any residue that might not be noticed from afar. Mop and squeegee is sometimes the preferred option when cleaning in tight spaces, intricate windows or indoors. This method does not use a lot of water in comparison to other cleaning methods. We use a non hazardous low odour biodegradable chemical.

Water Fed Pole
Pressure Cleaning
Trade/Initial Clean
Restoration Cleans

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